About us

Under Requirement community security systems, Arabia for systems was founded in February 2004 as a company specializing in the fields of integrated security systems.
For first day, its commitment to build a professionally-trained team to achieve needs of different sectors.
In 2005, it’s assigned many of the major companies it maintenance of security systems to Arabia for system.
In 2006, our company (Arabia) could gain the confidence of their customers and achieve widespread in most of governorates of Egypt.
The label of integrated solutions was main motivation for the company, which continued to be provided until 2009, became a leader in the designs and implementation of integrated security systems.
Since 2010 until now held partnerships and attend a lot of international events and exhibitions for the transfer of security systems technology was an integral part of the strategic plan to maintain the success, growth and sustainability.

The vision

to be the pioneers of the security systems in Egypt and the Middle East.

The message

to provide a better service to customers with best cadres to implement the highest safety standards to ensure that all sectors and achieve leadership and maintain.

Values and principles

  • Safety for every human being from any danger by harnessing appropriate technology.
  • Honesty, transparency and professionalism with our customers .
  • Understand and get satisficed of our customers.
  • Respect and development of our staff..